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CHEVY 5.7L (1990-1995)

Is your inboard boat motor not pulling your water skiers out of the water like it used to? Are you not making it out to the fishing ground until the middle of the day because you just don't have the power your Chevy 350 Marine engine used to have? Perhaps it's time to start looking into another inboard Chevy boat engine.

Here at Marine Engine Sales, we have completely torn down this used boat engine and installed completely new marine engine parts. We then bench test it, to ensure that it meets or exceeds all Chevrolet marine engine specifications; this means that this engine is now better than new. Marine Engine Sales prides itself on excellence and backs their boat engines with a one-year unlimited hour warranty. So if you're looking for a new Chevy 350 Marine engine, a 5.7 L, V-8 standard rotation that was originally installed in 1991, 1990, 92, 93, 94 or 1995 Marine vehicle, you've found one with one of the best warrantees and lowest prices on the marketplace today. Please feel free to give us a call concerning your application in this Chevy 350 Marine engine and your shipping, receiving, performance options or ordering concerns.

CHEVY 5.7L (1990-1995)
SIZE350, 5.7L, V8
DETAILSRoller lifters, 2-bolt main, marine engine, standard rotation, port side dipstick. One piece rear main seal, valve cover bolts on thru center of cover.
WARRANTY1 Year/Unlimited Mile Warranty