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Welcome to Marine Engine Sales

We have been rebuilding inboard marine engines for well over 30 years, this means that not only do you get the lowest prices on the marketplace and an unbeatable warranty, but you also get the experience that backs your boat motor. Here at Marine Engine Sales, this experience has led us to be one of the major suppliers for rebuilt boat engines, this means that often times when you're purchasing a rebuilt/remanufactured marine engine from another company, it was possibly built by us. We may be new to the Internet, but we are not new to the remanufacturing of marine engines.

30 years of history have brought us many successful and happy customers, who returned to us because we believe in 100% customer satisfaction. Our customers come from commercial fleets as well as private boating enthusiasts, and they all want the same thing, and engine that runs with performance and continuity. Our rebuilt inboard boat motors are built on a one at a time basis, this allows us to be sure that we include any performance options each customer would like to see in their inboard boat motor. Again, allowing us to have 100% customer satisfaction.

We're so confident in our workmanship that we offer an unbeatable warranty with every rebuilt Marine engine. This warranty is for one year, unlimited hours, which means that you get to put this engine to the test. Our warranty claim rate is one of the lowest in the nation at 1.7%, this is usually due to a problem within the parts that we install not in our workmanship. The national average for warranty claim rates on rebuilt marine engines is 6%, that's quite a difference.

Each of the engines that we rebuilt has been completely torn down and had all new marine engine parts installed; this means that it's essentially a new engine. We don't use remachined marine parts, used boat parts or inferior internal marine engine components; we use quality name brand marine engine parts. Each marine engine is then bench tested to be sure that it meets and probably exceeds all original manufacturer's marine engine specifications. These are just some of the reasons that we have one of the lowest warranty claim rates in the nation and offer one of the best marine engine warranties available.

So while we are on the Internet, and allow you to order on the Internet, it doesn't mean that we don't want to speak to you personally concerning your marine engine application. In fact, we prefer to speak to you personally; we want to be sure that you get the performance options, the shipping and receiving options, and of course we want to be sure that you are going to be 100% satisfied. We may be new to the Internet, but we have been using a phone and discussing these options with our customers for over 30 years and would like to continue that traditional way of doing business. We of course will be happy to take your rebuilt marine engine order any way you would like to give it to us, but it is always nice to have options.